Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Actual New Toy!!!!

Mom actually bought me a new toy:
She was going to get one off of Amazon, but found it at PetSmart.
You're probably thinking, "What the heck weird torture device are you wearing?"  We just got home and I still had my regular harness on AND my safety seatbelt harness. 
 I was in too much of a hurry to play with my Teaserball that I didn't bother taking the stuff off.


  1. Harrrroooow! You got a REAL new toy and it isn't even Saturday. My mom saw your new toy and she says you are gonna LOVE it. She had one for her beloved Sarek. It took him 2 years of everyday play to finally "wreck" it. It was one of his most favorite toy.
    Sooooo, Remi you have a super time with that GRRRRREAT new toy.

  2. New toy! Lucky guy! what does a teaserball do?!
    What time are you and Nala meeting up on Saturday? Keep us posted and we'll try to get down there!

  3. oh! and the cake recipe post is up!

  4. Oh that is too funny!! :) About the harness thingy that is. I thought you were wearing a police dog vest for a minute. ;) As for the teaser ball, I hope it didn't mess with you too much and eventually coughed up some treats.


  5. That must have been khwite the exciting toy!


  6. We all wear seat belts too, so we understand them well.

  7. Ooh Remi,what a spoiled ridgebackboy you are.
    This morning I was surprised,when we went outside everything was White from snow again yeeha.
    Marja don't like it so much but I do.
    She is going away and leave me and my boss all alone,she is going to Hong Kong for Chinese Neweyear.
    Hope she brings me some toys to,I won't be bogging this week.
    High five,

  8. All the harnessing along with the new toy point to one conclusion: you are loved! You are cherished. You are spoiled BOL