Monday, February 22, 2010

The Perils and Pleasures of Doggie Parking

Yesterday, mom discovered the dangers of the dog park.  It was such a nice sunny day and I was playing, as usual, at the local dog park with a gazillion other new furriends.  Mom and dad and another mom were standing, watching me play in the distance and....ka..Blam!  Mom got knocked on her arse in the mud!  I didn't laugh, really (snicker!).  Apparently, a couple other dogs were so into running and playing they didn't see mom standing there and slammed into her leg.  She's okay, other than a big bruise on the back of her leg. 

So today, another most excellent sunny day, we went to the other dog park hoping to run into my bro, Milo.  We got there and I played for about an hour.  Mom was thinking about leaving, but then we saw Milo and his mom.  Yea!!!  Here's a shot of our ridges:
Funny shot of Milo:
Whazzup, bro?
Mom and Milo's mom trying to get us to sit still for a picture:
Are they serious?
We would take turns jumping while the other sat:
This is about the closest we got to sitting at the same time:
We left the dog park after 2.5 hours!  That's the longest I played, but it was worth it to play with my brother.  I'm totally exhausted now!  This weekend, I'm hoping to get to play with my sis, Nala, again.  Maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll see Milo again, too! 
Relatives are the COOLEST!!!!


  1. Soooo glad you got to see Milo. Sorry about your mom's butt boo boo.
    Love the pic of your Ridges!!!

  2. That is pawesome that you ran into your bro! He is very cute and what a dark muzzle he has. :) Tell your Mom she will be able to get better sitting pics once you get a little older...ya know, we mellow out with age a bit. I was the same way as a pup. Hope your Mom's leg is feeling better...I have done the same thing to my Mom before. She went flying...legs in the air and landed straight on her bottom...luckily she didn't crack her tail bone or I may have been in trouble. ;) The snow helped cushion her landing as well. Anyway, Mom tells me we may get to play this weekend....I'm super excited!


  3. What kind of a lame training technique do you and Milo have? Your human didn't sit once! Maybe it's because of the bruise. Ouch. Better luck next time, Remi.

  4. I do think that is a khanine favourite pastime at the parks: bowling fur humans!

    How khool woo got to see your brofur again and play play play!

    Nice pikhs ;-)

    PeeEssWoo: I'm happy your mom is okay!

  5. Oeps ,you have to take care Remi,in june I also heart Marja's knee together with a Boxer we crashed her kneeband no walks for 2 weeks...
    Lovely to see your brother,I only have sisters ,but 7 March my mother will be giving birth to Half sissies an d brothers I hope.
    Now I go for a nap,just got back from the woods where I played with Bo she is a Labrador and I love her.

  6. Ah, yes, the ever fun human tackling event. Did she get bonus points for form?

  7. Hanging out with your brother, how cool! Sorry your mom got knocked down....

  8. Hi Remi,

    It looks like you had a lot of fun at the dog park. I will have to bark at my mom to take me back to our dog park soon.

    Your friend,
    Remi the Great Dane

  9. Hi Milo - we've come over from Nala's page. We've got a bit of a crush on your big sister 'cos she's so beautiful *blush!* and it's obvious to us that you're from the same family as you're very handsome! Love the photo of you showing off your ridges, he he! Looking forward to following you on your adventures. Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.