Sunday, February 7, 2010

Belated birthday pressies and "New Toy Saturday"

Mom figured my tummy was doing okay, so she gave me the pressie she'd been saving from my 6-mo b-day last week.  The frozen bison knuckle.  It was a huge thing.  They must have ginormous toes!  I was very excited:
I even sat and waited like a good boy until I was told it was okay to dig in:
I worked on it for about an hour and mom finally took it away to finish another day.  While I was chewing on it, mom and dad got to watch Dogs 101 on Animal Planet, where they talked about Ridgebacks.  They said we had the heart of a lion and would look danger right in the face.  There was a lady on there that talked about having a RR as a marathon training partner.  That was way cool since that's me and mom's plan (in a few years).
Now on to "New Toy Saturday".  Mom has been using my old bed (my very first bed) as my toy basket.  Here are the toys from last week:
The yellow duck is a gift from my sis, Nala, when we first met.  The glo-ball is a gift from my Nana.  As you can see, there's only 4 toys.  I was successful at hiding the other one.  It took mom another hour to find it.  Here's the "new" toys for this week:
Okay, I admit it's kindof fun getting different toys. I really missed the Santa bottle butt and the kong wubba, a gift from my blog bud, Darwin.

Can you believe I used to fit into that bed.  Check out this old pic from 5 months ago:

Well, today I'm hoping to meet up with Darwin, finally.  Hopefully the rain will let up.  Happy Sunday everyone!!!


  1. Your mom made a very nice selection for your new toy Saturday switch out. I have a red wubba too. They are pretty fun. Yours looks much nicer than mine does now. I wish I could give that bison knuckle a sniff. I'll bet it is delicious, Remi. I'm just sayin'.

  2. Ahhhh, you were so tiny....I can't believe how you have grown. :) That bison knuckle sure looks tasty. I saw some of those when I was at Yellowstone this summer....they are BIG! :) I hope you have a super good time with darwin and the rain stops for a bit.


  3. Nice, the photos you promised us. Lovely New Toy Saturday :) As for that knuckle, I'm drooling. We tend to fight a bit over knuckles here and M isn't getting any for a while. We'll see. Meanwhile, I'll watch you enjoy yours. I've seen the Dogs 101 show you mentioned. You guys are awesome.

  4. That bison knukhkle looked SOOOOOO pawesome!

    The toy selekhtion was furry nice -

    I'm a Wubba girl - I have two red ones - Santa Khlaws got me a purple one but Mom didn't let me have it yet -

    Happy Sunday!


  5. Remi! Thanks for coming out to the chaos that was Darwin's birthday party/reunion! It was madness! Hope you had fun! I have a few pictures of you that I'll be posting later!