Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Found My Brudder!!!!!

So get this!...  Me and mom and dad were at the dog park we go to before my class on Saturdays and there was another Ridgeback my age there.  Mom was talking to his mom, and it turns out...HE'S MY BROTHER!!!!!   How wild is THAT??!!!!!   His name is Milo and, like me, he turns 6 months tomorrow.  It was so cool running into one of my litter mates.  He even looks a lot like me.  Check it out:
Can you tell which one is me?
(hint:  I have the harness on)


  1. Thanks for the subtle hint. I figured it out. You're the black Rhodie in the middle, right?

  2. OMD... Isn't that amazing!! I guess what the two leggers say is true (this time) ...IT IS A SMALL WORLD. So does Milo have a cool blog like you do? Are you going to meet up again???? Grrrreat fun!!!

  3. How pawesome is that!?!

    PLUS, woo are the khuter one!


  4. aww!!! that is awesome! I've always hoped we would run into one of Darwin's siblings on accident, but it hasn't happened. but for her birthday next week we're having a reunion! I am so excited!

  5. Wow Remi that's fun a brother.....I have only sisters I am Mum's prince even now when we all play together she spoils me more then the girls ;-))
    How many sisters and brothers you have?
    High five ,Beaudor

  6. How cool is that!! I hope you two get to meet up for playdates. :) I bet you had sooo much fun. Happy 6 months sweet Remi! :)


  7. how lucky are you!?! I think its a pretty fat chance that I'll ever meet any of my litter mates, I was born in Master Chew Sits and then got to fly all the way to the other side of the country! Mom says that's a long ways away.

    you aure are lucky!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers