Monday, January 18, 2010

Naps, rides, and walks

What a great way to spend a day...naps in the sun, rides in the sun, and walks in the sun!  Today was a rare bee--u--tee--full winter day in the PNW.  I started the day with a serious nap in the morning sun: 

Sooo... I'm not sure what mom's trying to focus in on here:

Is there something up my nose or what!?

Alright already!!!    Jeez!!!   That's enough shots of my schnoz!     
One more shot of my nose and I'll......

Very funny, mom!

Anyway, so much for my nap.  We piled in the truck and got ready to hit the road for a long walkie.  First, dad had to feed the truck, so I watched:

I watched him clean off the back window:

Nice job, dad!  I can see much better now!

Then we hit the road for the trip down to the walkie place.  I'd never been there before, but mom and dad like it. 
It took a while to get there, so I helped myself to a comfortable position:

I love going on rides because I can check out all the action (between naps):

We finally got to the walking place and went on a long walk.  Here's me and dad walking off into the sunset together:

It was actually only noon, but you can never really tell here in the PNW.


  1. I enjoyed some sun time today too felt soooo nice!! I can't wait for more sunny days!!


  2. What a pawesome day woo had!

    Tank woo fur sharing your snooter AND your sun!


  3. The three bestest things (next to treats) naps rides and walks. You had a grrreat day. I feel better just seeing it.

  4. At first I thought you were going to be asleep for the entire post, like Frankie today. A walkie? Cool! As for the camera all the way up your nostrils, I think that's how our peoples show us they adore us. At least I hope so!