Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Quick Blog

Good thing one of my New Year goals isn't to blog every day.  The weather has been yucky lately.  Saturday I went to my new class.  It's a pretty small class and we didn't have time to play afterward.  But, I ran into Kingsley, a pit bull classmate, the next day at a dog park and we got to be properly introduced. 

After some good wrestling with some furriends, me and mom and dad went for a walk in a huge forest. 
All we had to do was follow the white squares and we wouldn't get lost. 

Anyway, sorry so short.  I will make sure to get more pics soon. 

Anyone have any good goals/resolutions?


  1. So, the white skhwares are like the yellow brikhk road!

    Happy 2010 to ALL of WOO!


  2. Remi you're a lucky fellow to get to go on so many trail walks! Darwin only gets trail walks on the weekends... weekdays are 'city' walks around the neighborhood!
    The boarder she went to takes only large breed dogs. but her playmate was a ridgeback so you could be in luck. they are pretty far north but do pickups/dropoffs in mount vernon area. they actually came down to lynwood area last night to drop her off. Even with the distance I'd totally recommend them. Good price (cheaper than ones in Seattle) and they bathed and trimmed her toenails before we got her back.