Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Catch-up

Golly!!!  Sometimes the weekends are just so busy that I don't have time to blog!  Friday I went to work again with mom and got to play with my buddy, Tasman.  It was the first time I got to play and be off leash since my 'procedure.'  It was so nice to be able to run and romp.

Saturday, was a little drizzly, so I decided to start the day with a nap in my (upsidedown) bed.

Then we went to the dog park inside a human park, where I got to play with a basenji mix.  Then, I went to my class where we worked on 'automatic sit.'  Later on, the sun can out and mom let me hang out on the deck with her and soak in the sun:

Then, we went on some errands and I got to ride in the Honda for the first time:

...and mom brought me a new toy (it being 'new-toy-Saturday, and all).
It's a hedgehog that grunts when I bite it:

I had one eye off in under 5 minutes!!!
Unfortunately, it didn't make it through Sunday.  I had the stuffing and 'grunting' pulled out, so now it's just the pelt.  Oh well, it's still fun. 

Sunday was a very rainy day, but mom and dad put my coat on and took me out on a good walk.  I was very soggy afterwards, but it felt good to stretch my legs. 

Gotta go.  Mom just said the sun is out, so we need to get out while the gettin's good!!!!



  1. Darwin always goes for the eyeballs first!
    She got to play with a GIANT ridgeback at the greenlake (woodland park) dog park on Saturday. He was the biggest ridgeback I've ever seen... almost as tall as her!
    Glad to hear you're healed up and can start playing again!

  2. Khousin Merdie goes right fur the eyes too!

    I hope woo get a nap soon - that was SOME weekend!


  3. Hey I have one of those hedgehog thingys. So you turned your into an unstuffable. I Love my unstuffable even more than any of my stuffies. Dad calls it my... road kill.
    Sooooo I personally think you did a PAWsome thing there bud. Congratualtions. I'm just sayin'.

  4. It's better when the hedgehog grunts when you bite him, rather than vice versa. Those guys are prickly! Good job on the eye. I feel safer now.
    That's an amazing view of your back, Remi!