Monday, December 27, 2010

It's a family reunion!

Me and Memphis decided to meet up at a different park Sunday. 
When I got there, there was another Ridgeback.  Then, another one showed up.
 (I'm in the middle)

This is Tanzer.  We're the same age.
You know why we look alike?
Remember when I met my other brother, Milo, back in January?

This is Ruby.  You know why we look alike?  Yup, you guessed it.  She's my half sister!
We have the same mom (she's 2 years older than me, tho).

Even with all the other Ridgebacks there, me and Memphis preferred to play with each other...that's cuz we're bestest buds! 

        Here I am saying 'Hi' to Ruby's dad.  Wait a minute...what happened to my tail?!

This humongous Irish Wolfhound showed up.

You can get an idea of his size by seeing how small Memphis looks:
So, it was interesting running into 2 family members.  Crazy.
So far, I've randomly run into 2 brothers, 1 older half sister, and have had play dates with my other older half sister, Nala.

It was a very cool day.  I'm hoping to be able to see Tanzer and Ruby again.


  1. Wow, what a reunion! So cool that you get to keep in contact with your biological siblings!

  2. That's pawesome Remi! I wonder if Ruby was part of my litter or after me??? ;) If you see her ask who her Dad was and when she was born for me. ;)


  3. That is soooooo furry khool to see!

    Of khourse, one of the other pals there looked furry nice too!