Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Catchup, Pt II

So, there were all these mouth-watering smells coming from this square dohicky that I wasn't allowed near.   

There were all sorts of yummy things going in and coming out of there. 

And people think I'M goofy.  Yup, that's my dad!  Now you know where I get it!

 Finally, a little piece of yumminess rolled my way.  They call it a mushmellow, and I can see why.  A couple licks and it just melted and stuck to everything. 

After being tortured by the smell of juicy turducken, my auntie Janet was nice enough to sneak me a piece. YUM!!!

 I was wiped out from all the excitement, play, and torturing.
Mom said I was very well behaved this year.  I didn't even steal any potato salad this year.  Course, there wasn't any, but there was a ton of other stuff I could have easily that huge turducken! 
But, I kept my cool to make mom proud.  My gift to her this year!


  1. Bet you would have slept just as contentedly if you had smarted the turducken. Just saying.

  2. Watch out fur those mushmallows - some humans like to hide pills in 'em!