Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Catch-up, pt I

 Hope everyone had a GRRReat Christmas.
We went over to my Auntie Janet's for Christmas Eve.  
I like going to her house cuz there's lots of stuff to sniff and she's always cooking delicious smelling stuff.

I was very good, so I got to hang out by the Christmas tree and demolish a Yak chew.

 Here I am singing some Christmas carols.
All the excitement and chewing wiped me out, but we got to go back the next day.  Mom put this silly collar on me.  She said its like a bow tie, so I could be dressed up.

Then I got to open my bag o' goodies. 

Wow!  Check out all this cool stuff! 

I got some pressies from my furriends, Darwin and Memphis.

 Some pressies from my hooman furriends.

Stay tuned for Part II:
Me being tortured by the delicious, slobberfying smells of fresh roasted turducken. 


  1. Look at all of those treats you got, Remi! You hit the jackpot!
    We like your Christmas collar. It's very festive!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. A turdukhken!


    Of khourse, woo got lots of great pressies too!

    All the Baaaaaaaa stuffies are OH SO YUMMMY!


  3. Despite the collar, it looks like a terrific time. We can't wait to hear how you snatched the turducken and ate it. Oh, wait. Are we getting ahead of ourselves? Or just wishful thinking.