Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Graduated !!!

My tummy was feeling a little better yesterday, so I got to go to my last class in my Intermediate Obedience course.
We played some new games, which I was very eager to do. 

Mom was really proud of me because I did 'sit stay' while she walked away and pet the other dog. Then I had to 'sit stay' at one end of the room until she called for me and I had to run to her and sit without her saying or doing anything.  Piece of cake!

Then we had our graduation ceremony:

 Look how proud mom is of me!

Tah dah!!

I got a new bed cuz I did so well!
Dad calls it my 'big boy bed.' 

  I like it cuz I can stretch out more than in my old bed:
Mom say one of the best things she ever got me was my elevated mattress.  It's a Coolaroo, and she highly recommends it for anyone with boney dogs.  I like it cuz its comfy and helps me see out the window better.

Tomorrow, I go to my doc just so they can look at my poop. 
I know.  People are weird!


  1. Khongrats!

    Woo look furry furry khomfy in your BBB!

    Good lukhk with the poop inspekhtion!


  2. Congratulations Remi!
    You look so cute in your cap!

    I just emailed your mom about Darwin's home made food. Hope your tummy is feeling better!

  3. Congratulations for your Mom and You,Remi well done.
    And what a beautiful ceremony,we only get a bone for our Diploma ,tonight(depends on the weather)I have Agilityexamen keep your paws crossed ;))
    Can I put the pic of you and your Mom on my blog,maybe a idea for the dogschool here.
    And thanx for the tip for the bed,maybe santa brings me one.
    High five,
    Beaudor and a big kiss from my Mom

  4. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU REMI !! I'll bet that your mom and dad think your gratuation is the bestest Pressie they will get this year.. Cool Drool.
    Hey that is one fantastic bed you snagged.
    Now just what IS it with Peeps and Poops?

  5. First, you look absolutely PAWSOME in your hat!! Second, could you give me your mailing address so I can send you a holiday card??

  6. Wow Remi...WAy to go! I love your look with the cap on! Congrats bro! Your new bed looks very cozy too!