Friday, December 17, 2010

Flashback Furrrriday!!!!!!!!

The place I go and hang out with my furriends all day while mom works took my Christmas photo again this year:

Here's last year's Christmas photo:

At least they didn't make me wear that silly hat again!

We're still waiting on the results from my vampire attack
(when they took 3 vials of my blood).
Although I'm feeling better, I'm still working mom so she'll keep feeding me warm chicken and rice.  Now she's even adding green beans, which are my fav-o-rite!!!!


  1. How khute woo are again this year!

    Oh yummers on the green beans!

    Have woo tried frozen peas?

    Furry nom nommie!

    I hope woo khontinue to feel better!


  2. Hmm...I will definitely hint to mom about the peas. She tried to give me broccoli, but I ate all around it. Don't like taters, either. Unless they're sweet pataters. I get a couple slices every nite on my cottage cheese. Yummy dessert!!!

  3. Thats taking a long time to get those results back! When we went in on Thursday they mentioned panreatitis also!
    You look so grown up in this years picture!

  4. I LOVE Both of those pictures!! Chicken and Green Beans??? Sounds delicious to me.
    Merry Christmas buddy!!

  5. Merry Christmas, Remi - you look fantastic in your Christmas photo. I sure hope your belly feels better soon. Do you take any probiotics? (Like Ark Naturals Gentle Digest?)

  6. Cute last year - and this year. Though we think you ate the hat.