Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Its a Smell-venture!

Since me and mom were still recovering from our race on Sunday, we just did a short hike yesterday.
Mom said it was too hyooooomid to do much.   Apparently, we don't usually get much hyooooomidity here.
Mom let me do a smell-venture, since we weren't out to cover a lot of miles today.  I got to stop and smell about anything I wanted, and she didn't hurry me along.
The smell-venture is cool, but sometimes I smell things...
...that are kinda scary! 
What was that!?
Oh, just the forest talking.


  1. Hooooooooomidity is the worst!

    Your mom is khorrekht!

    Great pikhs!


  2. It was sooo humid on Monday! I felt like I was back in Hawaii.
    Where was that walk at? Looks very pretty!