Friday, September 3, 2010

What's this??? A new fun game???

While we were up in Sequim, dad started acting really crazy. 
He started throwing my toys away!!!!  Just kindof chucking them into the wind...
I'd have to run way out and bring it back...
Here I'm running before it even leaves his hand (I'm amazing that way):
I have to admit, it was kindof fun.  But the funnest part was dad and Pop-pop trying to get the toy back!
If I give it to you, are you just going to throw it again?


  1. I don't do that game -

    My broFUR Thoryan does -

    I hope woo got treats fur such good work!


  2. Darwin will only play that game about 3 times... and we cant throw it too far or she wont chase it, and we have to go walk after it. Im sure youre a way better fetcher than Dar.

  3. Hi Buddy Remi,
    Looks like you have beautiful weather I'm back in Holland it's cols here brrrrr,now it's raining so refuge to go out.
    Fun game that is going after a stick or ball ,love to do that with Nick.
    But take care playing with sticks my dear friend Xola once had it almost through het troat jiehhh.
    bye for now,

  4. Yeah. Mom used to freak out when I would run around with sticks. So she got me that rubber orange one from Ruff Dog. It's extremely durable: