Saturday, September 25, 2010

Would I Make A Good Big Brother?

Me and mom went out for our lunch break to the dog park yesterday. 
I ran into a little ridgeback mix right off the bat. 
Then, this little bloke showed up: 
He's an 11-week-old ridgeback named Drake.  He's a bold fellow, getting right into the mix with the big dogs.
Here's the 3 of us RR's playing (I'm the big one):
Mom said I did so well playing with that little tyke that, when we move to a place with more land, I might get a little brother.
I think I'd be a good older brother, don't you?


  1. Yep it looks like you would be a great brother! But you can never have too much practice before you become a big brother for real! :)

  2. Remi,I wished you were my brother:))
    We are the lucky ones our Moms socialicised us very well,the unlucky aren't,its not there fault (((:
    Today I played with every dog,well just 1 I was afraid,and took the short cut but also that is OK.
    Big kiss for your Mom.

  3. You'd be GREAT at it! I get to be a big brother AND a little brother. Well... even though I'm bigger than Storm, I'm still her little brother. Woo.

  4. I have no doubts woo would be a good big broFUR!


  5. Yes you certainly would be a good big brother.