Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Furrrst 5k!

Mom and dad said they were taking me to something called "Dogtoberfest" today.  I wasn't too thrilled to go anywhere this morning when I woke up to RAIN!!!  YUCK!  Then mom put my rain coat on me.
All right.  Guess we're going.  So we got to the place and it was still raining (shocking!)
We had to wait for a while until they got things set up.
 Then I saw what we were doing.  It was my first race..a 5k!
And, like a Festivus miracle, the rain stopped!
Mom and dad got their race numbers and I got to stand around and look at a lot of butts.  I did get  lots of attention, so I shouldn't complain.
 Mom was a little stressed about my first race.  I wasn't stressed cuz I knew I could win it.  Mom found out how much I wanted to win when I bolted out of the start.  Lucky for her I slowed down after the first mile so she could keep up.
 I have to admit, I was a little tired at the finish.  But, the race people had water for me and doggie treats to replenish my energy.  Then we headed for this area that had 'adult beverages' for mom and dad, and plenty of water bowls for me and my fellow runner furriends.  I was trying to hid cuz I'm not old enuf to be in there.

 Maybe if I just look confident, they won't ask for my ID.
 Here we are inside the 'beer garden' (I never did see where they grew the beer).
I got a ton of attention from lots of people there.  I even ran into Darwin really quick.  Look how much less stressed mom looks now that the race is over.
 I was so tired from the race and all the attention I got, I zonked all the way home!
 Mom said we'll be able to do a couple more races next year.  
I can't wait!! 


  1. Congratulations Remi! Mom just started taking me running a couple of weeks ago. I'm only up to about a mile so far...she says I gotta take it really slow since I'm such a big boy.

    Mom wants to know where you got your pawsome raincoat! even though it never rains here in Sandy Eggo, she always likes to be prepared!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  2. Thanks for not mentioning what a b*@^# Darwin was being! I don't know what was up with her, but it was so embarrassing!
    Hope you and your folks had a great time at Oktoberfest!

  3. Wow Remi,that looks like a lot of fun :))
    You did got a medal for it right,or at least A beer.

    High five,

  4. Well pawed Remi!

    I'm glad your pawrents will run fur beer - my mom says no amount of adult beverages khould do that -

    Of khourse, we will walk furry fast!


  5. Way to go Remi & Tricia! I'm so glad the rain stopped...a festivus miracle for sure. ;)