Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dreary, Drippy Day

Yesterday was our first really drippy day of Fall. it Fall already?! 
Sure feels like it here. 
So, nothing to do but laze around the house, look out the window, and wait for someone to turn off the dripping.
Still dripping...
Yup, still dripping....
That got old fast.  Might as well take a little snooze.  Maybe when I wake up, the sun will be out!


  1. I hear ya! it's way too early to be fall! Though I do love fall, I'm not ready for it yet!

  2. We had some dripping here today too, but luckily not too much. We hope we can get a walk later tonight. You are quite pampered there, Remy, with that blankie and all.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. We'll take your drippies PLEASE!

    We've had some furry nice days but we really really need some rain!


  4. Yeah Remi here in Holland it's FALL ((:I hate it getting my feet all wet.
    Does your Mom also have strange idees such as taking walks in the rain,think mines a bit strange to do that.
    Rather stay in my bed just like you,a blanket that's a good idee,can't your Mom talk to mine.
    Here they say we get some sun Saturday jippie...