Saturday, October 2, 2010

Durable Dog Toys

I've had a couple of these rubber sticks that I take to the dog park for me and Memphis to play with.  However, they don't seem to stand up to the beating we give them.
The one on the left  is one we played with for the first time today.  It didn't take long before it was missing the top couple inches.  Mom doesn't recommend that one.
The one on the right was given to me by my pop pop for my birthday 2 months ago.  It has stood up to some heavy duty playing, but is now missing the top and bottom part.  That one seems better cuz it lasted a while and we still like playing with it.

Today she bought us this Bumi:
It's supposed to be "guaranteed to last," and if it doesn't, they'll either replace it or give mom her $$ back (one time).  It's made by West Paw Design, which is based in mom's college town of Bozeman, MT.  Isn't it beautiful there?  We hope to visit next summer.
So, we'll see what happens to the Bumi after me and Memphis play a few rounds of tug with it!!!  If any of you have recommendations for tough toys, mom would be thrilled to hear about them!

I wanted to end with a picture showing my support of Livestrong Day:


  1. Good lukhk with the new toy -


    Good job on going yellow to help LIVESTRONG!


  2. Hard to find a good toy, huh bro! Bozeman is a nice town...I hope you get to visit next summer. :) Love all your yellow toys.


  3. Hi Remi,

    Do you have the Kongcollection in the USA,they say it's really strong.
    Seems your duck is still alive,my bear to got it when I came to live here and it travels always everywhere I go.
    Beautiful town so your going on holiday have fun with your pack.