Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Hiking an New Furriends!

Last week, mom and dad took me hiking at Tiger mountain.  It was a beautiful day.
Up at the top, I got my snack:
 Posing with mom:

Today was another beautiful day (although a little chilly), so we went for another hike, this time to Greenwater trail.  I liked his hike cuz there were lots of horse apple snacks along the way!
 Then, after the hike, we went and visited some of mom & dad's friends, and I got to make a new furriend.
Here's me and Cooper, the beagle.   
We're the same age and distant cousins.  Can you see the resemblance?


  1. Great photos Remi! We wish we had seen some horse apple snacks on our walk. Kelsa loves snacking on them too!

  2. Did woo see any tigers on their mountain?

    What a khool and full day!

    Snakhks and a new furiend!

    It is amazing how much woo look alike!


  3. Wow Remi you did the Tigertrail,were there also Lions?
    Love your sweater is it so cold where you live,I'm blessed with a long fur for a Ridgeback so thats why I don't need one.
    My friend Bhanu also has one but not as fancy as yours,Marja will give them the name.
    This weekend we also went in the mountains even got snow,my Mom is also a bit under the weather it's a tough bug wish your Mom well from me and give her a big wet kiss from me,
    See you Furriend,

  4. Nothing like a great day hiking with the humans.