Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A New Camping Adventure!

Mom and dad decided to take me on an adventure the other weekend.
They loaded me into the truck and I fell fast asleep, as usual. 

 Every time I looked behind us, this weird thing was right on our tail!

 Then we finally came to a stop in a bunch of trees and dad set out to build us a house.

...and in less than a minute...

...he built us a house!

Tah Dah!
...and you know it must've been quick cuz I don't stand in one place for very long!

Wow!  It's gonna take me the whole weekend to mark all these trees!

 Guess I better get started!

Stay tuned for part II of the camping adventure!


  1. How cool is that house - wow. Oh you're going to have soooo much fun in the forest.
    Lucky guy - have fun - love your coat.

  2. You are gonna have to drink 87 GALLONS of water to get that job done!!

    I love the house your dad built... That is the furst time I have EVER seen one with a pitched roof!! Cool Drool!!!

  3. hahahahah! I cant wait to find out if you marked all those trees!

  4. All those trees...

    So little time!