Monday, March 28, 2011

Vet Visit

I got to visit my holistic doc the other day.
 I don't mind going to her office because it doesn't have that fear scent all over the place, so I am pretty mellow and chill when I'm there.
 I really like her and even let her stick needles in my legs.  It doesn't hurt, just kindof feels warm and relaxing.
I always feel so much better after seeing her.
Mom is so grateful for her help with my inflammatory bowel disease.
 I feel and look 100% better ... without any medications!


  1. We all are very proud of you,your a brave one Remi.
    And so good that you don't need Medicins,yukkk.
    Your looking swell ;))

  2. We love our holistic doc as well .... so glad you're feeling better, Remi!

  3. Oh REMI... this is such wonderful news!!! No Medicines and you are BETTER. I LOVE THAT!!!

  4. What? you don't like the vet? The only time I get cookies is at the vet! Mom only gives me carrots or apples for snacks so the vet is AWESOME! What's a holistic vet? Does she give regular treats or apples and carrots?

    Nala doesn't like the vet (but outside of mum and dad she doesn't like any human) so she doesn't count!


  5. woo hoo Remi!
    Was this just a checkup appointment? I think we'll have to go back soon to get Darwin's back readjusted.

  6. Oh and I must say, Im glad you're going there now too so Im not the only one taking pictures of my dog getting accupuncture! :)

  7. That is just pawesome!!!


  8. Feeling better without meds is REALLY great!!!
    Play bows,