Thursday, March 3, 2011

Camping Adventure, part II

After dad finished building our new house, we set out on a little walk.
(this isn't our house, it's the Ranger's house)

 It was sunny and beautiful out...but pretty chilly.

 When we got back, dad surprised me again.
I didn't realized he brought the dragon with us!

 Dad warmed up by the dragon while I continued marking all the trees
...and ferns....and rocks...

 Me and dad relaxing in the warm trailer after breakfast.

I have to admit, I had a pretty cool time out there in the wilderness.
I'll definitely need to train more for the next adventure.
I was too pooped to pee any more!


  1. Thanx for your help by posting this,this weekend I'm going out to let the dust blow away.
    Tell you all about it when I get back,for you 3 a big hug.

    What a beautiful nature you have over the Ocean,whish I could visit you ((;

  2. BaaaaaWaaaaah Too Pooped to Pee... Remi that is SOOOOOOO funny!!
    That house that your dad built is really amazing.
    My mom wants to know if it has a potty in there???
    You took the DRAGON with you.. good planning.

  3. That looks like a lot of fun! Mom doesn't like camping but maybe in a house like that, she'd take us camping some day.

    Where did dad put the dragon? That's kind of crazy to bring it with you... your humans are magical!

  4. Mom and I khall dibbs on The Rangers's place -