Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm a Stylin' Kinda Guy!

I received this cool award from Zola, a beautiful Ridgeback in France, who looks much like me, I must say!
So, in honor of the award, I must tell you 7 things about myself.
I'll try to stick to stuff you don't already know about me.

1.  I get a mani-pedi every couple weeks:

2.  I like to sleep by the window so I can see the sun rise over Mt. Rainier.
(mom thinks it's because I like to guard the house)

3.  I'm the king of counter surfing.

4.  I get blamed for a lot of things the katz do (like knocking food off the counter...JAKE!)

5.  I love a game of fetch (if it's short!)

6.  I don't like the water (Just look how dirty the other dog got!  How unstylish!)

7.  I actually like all the stylin' stuff mom & dad get for me!

Ok, so now I'm passing this award on to 5 of my blog buddies (who haven't received it yet):
1.  Darwin:  She got me hooked on Sirius Republic collars.
2.  The Army of Four:  they always have very stylish neck gear!
3.  Life with Big Dogs:  check out THEIR mani-pedi!
4.  2 Sleepy Dogs and Only 1 Couch!:  although their mom SAYS she's not a dog dresser-upper
5.  Nala:  Sure she's my sis.  What can I say.  We inherited a flair for neck wear!


  1. Woo, Remi! Thanks for the award - and may I say you are TOTALLY stylin'!!! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on the most Deserved AWARD!
    CATS.. they are not always our furends. I'm just sayin.

  3. Khongrats there woo Stylin' Guy!


  4. Aww thanks Remi! And we love our Sirius Republic collar too!

  5. Well done Remi! It was fun to read your '7 things'..heehee - playbow & pawbash from a faraway place, your blog pal Zola.