Monday, February 28, 2011

Play date with my Sis!

I got a surprise yesterday after my MMA practice with Memphis...
my sis, Nala, showed up.

We ran around a lot and were very fast, so mom had problems getting good photos.

It was lots of fun to see her again, since it's been a year.   Look at us when we first met:
I thought she was HUGE!!
But now, I'm as big as she is!!
She turns 5 in a month.  Hopefully I'll be able to see her again soon.


  1. Yeahhhhh that's great news Remi,because medicins we don't like them either...
    Just went to the doctor for my annual checkup,everything ok and i'm 43 kilo now.
    Great you saw your sister again,and also great to see her running around again seems she's doing well to.
    Just love it that you 2 are much better.

  2. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!!!!!!!
    Looks like fun!
    PS: That's pretty cool about the holistic vet and being able to treat your IBD without meds!

  3. How khool woo got to see the beaWOOtiful Nala!

    Thanks fur sharing your fun with us!


  4. It was wonderful to see you too Remi! The few pictures my Mom took turned out a blur too...we are just too speedy for them. ;) It was so great to see you and how big you have grown since last time. It was also super cool to meet your BFF, Memphis...he's a cool dude!