Monday, May 2, 2011

While the folks were away...

While mom and dad were away enjoying the sun, I got to stay at this place with lots of room to run outdoors and a nice, dry, warm place for sleeping inside.
I had fun, but was ready to go home.  Then one day, a car drove up and someone got out who smelled like.......MEMPHIS!!!  Yea!  It was Memphis' dad coming to rescue me!

I even got to ride in the Memphis mobile!

But where was Memphis!? 
Then we drove up to a house and I just knew he was in there.  Mom posted this last week, but here's the video of me sneaking up and surprising Memphis in his house!

Woo Hoo!   What fun we had!

Stay tuned for Part II: Fun at the House of Dane


  1. Grrrrreat videos. I think Memphis must be very much fangtastic. I can't wait fur MORE action packed fun from the House of Dane.

  2. How lucky you got to stay at your bff's house!
    Was Memphis watching tv when you walked in? heheh