Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fun at the House of Dane

Here's some pictures of the fun me and Memphis had at his house.
First, he showed me all the good pee spots.

Then we did a little wrestling, of course:

...then we played "What animal am I?"
Memphis: "I'm a boa constrictor!"

Me:  "I'm a lion!"

Memphis:  "I'm a bunny wabbitt!"
Memphis:  "I'm a duckbilled platypus!"
OK Memphis.  You win. 

Hey Memphis!  Do you actually fit through this doggie door!!?!
                                                              I'm thinking...... NOT!!!!

Stay tuned for more pictures from "Fun at the House of Dane"!!!!
Thanks to Memphis' dad for getting all these great photos!


  1. Oh what a FUN ACTION packed series. I think you should make a MOVIE!!! It would be a HIT fur sure!!!

  2. How fun! I love that Memphis' dad got pictures for the blog!