Friday, April 29, 2011

Escape from Dreary, Depressing, Sogginess

Mom and dad went to Hawaii and all they brought me was this collar!
...although the tropical print on it IS pretty cool.

They got to enjoy warmth, sun, and  NO RAIN!
 No wonder they look so happy!

Stay tuned for the scoop on what I did while they were gone!


  1. Did they go to Hona Roo Roo??? My mom went there and she still has some sand from the beach.

    I'll bet you had some fun times... while they were gone. THEY must have missed you a LOT. Can't wait to hear more.

  2. A Collar is awesome! Mom when to Disney and we only got new name tags... Nala with a princess and mine has another dog on it! (Pluto or something) Another dog!!! Really? I hope you had fun while they were away!


  3. That collar looks incredible on you! I hope you didn't miss your parents too much!