Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank a Veteran Today!

Today is the day to remember veterans and their honorable service and sacrifices (although we should remember them more than once a year!)

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Veterans are very much a part of mom's life.  She helps them get through some of the bad stuff they experienced while they were deployed.
I even get to help when I go to work with her.

My Pop-pop, who is a veteran, got me some nice patriotic things to wear today.
So after it warms up a bit this morning, me and mom will set out on an adventure to see how many veterans we can thank today.

A moment of silence in honor of all the vets out there.

I wanted to add a link to this blog that has a great posting about dogs' service in the military.


  1. Thanks fur all WOO do and fur all your mom does as well -

    Too many furget THOSE khasualties of war -


  2. Great post, Remi!!
    Many thanks to your mom for all she does!
    Tail wags,