Monday, November 8, 2010


It was a sunny morning, so me and mom set out for a walk.
Good thing I had my fleece on cuz it was chilly and breezy out.
 It was my first time wearing it out, since it hasn't been cold until today. 
I was nice and warm through the whole walk.

Mom's thinking about getting me some Bark'n Boots for this winter. 
Has anyone tried these or heard anything about them?


  1. Woo looks so warm and stylin'

    Too bad I khan send woo some Khyra Floof to keep woo warm!


  2. nice jacket!
    haven't tried the boots, but they could be a good idea since it's supposed to be snowmaggedon 2010 again in Seattle.

  3. Hi Remi,
    Cool coat you have,is it already that cold on your end of the world?
    Can you only run without line in the dogpark in the USA isn't it aload elsewhere?
    You see I want to know all about your life LOL.
    Big hug for you 3 from all 3 of us.

  4. Great coat! We are looking into boots this year for Riva too. Keep us posted on which ones you decide on.

  5. We just wear those year round floof coats - grins.