Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bonus Play Days

I must've been really good lately cuz I've gotten to play with Memphis
 4 mornings in a row!
 On the way home today, I sat up front with mom.  She was surprised cuz I've never done that before.

What?!  The view's much better up here!
Plus, it's a much better position for getting the direct flow of the warm dragon breath!


  1. I love your riding shotgun pikhs!


  2. I tried to let Dar sit up front once (actually we were transporting bricks from the east side that took up all the back - also back when Dar was a lot smaller) and she could not get comfy. She wouldnt sit up like you, and couldn't lay down. That was the first and only time she rode shotgun.

  3. Glad you had fun, Remi! That's what the holidays are for!

  4. Lucky you! I was over your way last week and thought of you but Mom wasn't feeling too good so we didn't call. Maybe next time we can play. Let me tell ya, I did not want to come home to single digit temps...the 50 degree weather over there was oh so nice! ;)


  5. Lucky Boy with such good pawrents......
    We have snow overhere in Holland,and you know I'm Puppie again love it!!

    Please look out when your driving in front,my Mom is afraid ,thats because a dear friend of us came in a car accident.
    The dog was found dead he was lanced through the window,so terrible.
    Big warm hugs from cold white Holland