Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Events

This morning, me and Memphis' walking adventure took us to Lake Fenwick Park. 
It had a nice, wooded trail that took us down some serious stairs.

Those stairs were a piece of cake!  No Problem-O.  At the bottom was a little open area perfect for a little wrestling.
C'mon mom!!!  Can I go play NOW?!?!

We ended up going to the end of the trail and having to turn back, which meant having to go UP ALL THOSE STAIRS!!  Yeowsers!
We kept going and came across the actual lake.  The colors of the trees and the reflection on the lake were beautiful and mom wished she brought her real camera, but the iphone does an ok job.

Mom and me...

Memphis and his dad...
We came to a pretty long dock/bridge.  Let me just say that Memphis REALLY likes the water.  We're walking along the dock....then SPLOOSH!  Memphis stepped off the dock and did like a nose dive into the water.  All I saw was his tummy and feet sticking up.  I'm thinking he thought it was a lot more shallow than it was, and when his front feet didn't hit the bottom, he just flipped head over tails.  Luckily, since he likes the water, he didn't panic and was able to get back on the dock.  Didn't phase him at all. 

So we got back to walking, and mom was yaking away, then all of a sudden...
BOOM!...then silence.   Mom?  Mom?  I turned around and she was sitting on her butt.  She had slipped on some of the slick wood on this long dock bridge.  "Smooth moove, Mom!"
Needless to say she was okay, so we got back to walking and...BIFF!  Mom wipes out again, this time tripping on a tree root.  How embarassing!  My Mom, the picture of grace and coordination!
We decide it's definitely time to go before anything else happens. 

So, our review of Fenwick Lake Park is that it's probably a much safer place to take mom when it's DRY.  Here in the PNW, that means we might go back in...oh....about 8 months!


  1. Those stairs look like a good booty work out! hehehe
    If Darwin fell in the water she would've freaked out! We pushed her in once and she was not happy. She only likes water when all 4 feet can touch the ground.
    Hope your mom's ok! Sounds like something I would do. heheh

  2. We like water too! Especially Tanner, he would have been in there with you, Memphis! The trees are really nice this time of year but we're hoping for snow! (Not that mom wants snow, we just really like snow)

    We're glad you had fun!

  3. Lovely autumn colours - yeah - some walks just go like that...good that we can laugh about them xx

  4. Glad everyone was ok! YIKES! How brave of Memphis...I would have been totally panicked! By the way, I like yours and the kitty's hats down below. ;)