Monday, October 31, 2011


I woke mom up at 5:30 this morning so she could start working on this punkin'.
Doesn't it look EEEeeevil?
We went out zombie hunting today.  We're part of the:

Hmmmm.... I smell something dead over there, mom. Can we go check it out?
Drat.  Just some old poo.  No luck finding zombies today.
My dad got a zombie the other night, so maybe we'll have better luck tonight.  For some reason, all these little vampires and such chose tonight to come around and beg for food.  But,until the doorbell rings again, I'm enjoying this special raw buffalo treat:

Hope you all have a safe Halloween (and lots of yummy treats)!!!!


  1. OHHHHH you have a RAW..BUFFALO BONE??? You lucky DAWG. Sorry it was just some poop and not a Zombie... I suppose they do smell similar.

  2. Happy Halloween! Looks like a good treat!

  3. I'm sure your neighbors feel much safer knowing you are there to protect them from zombies and such.

  4. Scary Jack-o-Lantern, Remi! And very cool!
    Love your collar and leash!
    Play bows,