Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Toys for Rainy Daze!

Too many words for Wordless Wednesday today.
Camping adventures will continue after this brief message from our sponsors...

With the rainy season fast approaching in the PNW (yeah, like it ever left), Mom has been on the look-out for toys to keep me busy indoors (since you all know how much I hate being dripped on!)
We got this cool Kyjen toy.  They're the same people who made the tug toy I really LOVE. 
You can see that review here. 
I noticed that Frankie recently had the opportunity to review this toy. 
You can see his review of it here.
At first I was like, "What the heck is this thingy?"
Hmmmm...  I smell treatz!!!
Maybe it I just move this thingy...
So I discovered that there were treatz hidden in these little cup thingies.
YUM!!!!  (notice all the slobber on it)
Last one....
Mmmm...  very yummy! 
Since I've played with treat dispensing toys before, this was relatively easy for me. 
But, it was still fun and yummy, and mom said it kept me occupied for a few minutes.
So I give it 1.5 Thumbs up (on a scale of -2 to 2).
And it was definitely better than the muffin pan we were using last year!!!


  1. That looks interesting! I'm not sure how me and Dave would do - we aren't real food motivated.
    Play bows,

  2. Mom's always looking for toys like that for me (Tanner) but gets frustrated easily when I can get them done faster than she'd like! Maybe I'll send her your link and see if she picks up the hint!

    Glad to see you're enjoying it!

  3. good solved the puzzle
    Benny & Lily

  4. Darwin has that toy too! But she's figured it out that she goes through it so quickly!