Monday, September 12, 2011

Ruffin' It !! Day 7 - While the Hoomans are Away...

We got up early and headed out on some mystery adventure. 
Then, we stopped at a place so that I could play all day instead of being stuck in the truck.
It was a nice place and I made some new Montana furrriends.

Mom and dad started the day by going fishing.  Here's a great shot of dad fishing along the Madison River.
Mom used to fish here 25 years ago.  She said she used to always catch trout.
Not so lucky this time.  No nibbles.  Mom said it's because the river was so swollen from recent flooding.
Sure, mom.  If you say so....
After the morning fishing, they went to a place called the Lewis and Clark Caverns. That's the place where I wasn't allowed.  Guess they thought I'd scare the bats or something.
Mom and dad at the cave entrance.
They saw some weird looking stuff in there. 
After their day long adventure, they picked me up from my Montana play place
 and we headed back to camp.

Dad was determined to catch something, so he tried his luck along the river right behind our camp site.
Oh boy, dad!!!  What did you catch??
 Well now, that's pretty impressive.  He caught someone else's lost lure!!
Not everyone can do that!!

It was another exciting, tiring day. 
We settled down for some ZZzzzzz's to get ready for tomorrow's action packed day.

Stay tuned for Day 8 -  Come Back Here With Our Bling!!!!


  1. Wow! What a beautiful place!!! Those caves are REALLY cool!
    I hope you had fun at the doggy daycare place; meeting new friends is always nice!
    Play bows,

  2. Those are cool caves! Daycare sounds more fun than sitting in a truck all day!

  3. I am really impressed with your dad's FISHING skills... His CATCHING leaves a bit to be desired though. I guess he is Just like MY DAD.
    Loved the cave pictures.

  4. You are having the best summer vacation ever! The scenery is beautiful out there (of course, it's even better because YOU are in it!)

  5. Wow...Remi! Can I move in with you? You are having some great adventures this summer! I guess my big adventure was getting a sister, but man how I'd love to be doing all that camping and hiking like you...maybe next year. ;) Anyway, glad to see you are having fun!


  6. We are enjoying reading about your holiday Remi - thanks - bet you are sleeping well after such great days in the outdoors. Woof from France, Ridgeback Girl Zola x