Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ruffin' It !! Day 6 (continued) - Mom's Old Stomping Grounds

 Ok, back to camping stories.
Mom thinks she's being funny by pointing at the 'Bear Country' sign!
As you can see, I am not laughing!
Anyways, mom was excited to get into town.  She lived in Bozeman for a while.
So we went into town and mom and dad had lunch at this place called the Pickle Barrel. 
Mom said they used to have THE BEST sandwiches.
She said they're still just as good!
That's a HUGE sandwich!  Hope some's for ME!!!

We drove around more so mom could see some of the stuff that was new, and some of the stuff that was the same.  Then we headed back to our campsite so we could all relax.
Today was a busy day and our dogs were tired (really!)
We had to get some shut eye cuz tomorrow was going to be packed full of fun stuffs. 

Stay tuned for Day 7  -  While the Hoomans are Away....


  1. We definitely are jealous of all your summer adventures. You've been to some incredible places. Those look like some yummy sandwiches!

  2. Wow! What a cool adventure! Especially the part about the sandwich!

  3. OH BOY... I just love it when THEY go away.. and leave us to do OUR STUFFS. Can't wait to see what YOU did.

  4. Oh my goodness your adventure continues. We love your camping days
    Benny & Lily

  5. mmm that looks like a good sandwich! We are planning to do a road trip through Montana and up to Banf National Park in Canada some day... I think we'll need to stop at the Pickle Barrel! Do they have good pickles too? I love pickles!