Sunday, July 10, 2011

A New Dog Park Adventure!

Mom surprised me this morning and took me to a park I've never been to before:  Magnuson Park.
It was a little bit of a drive to get there, but it was a big place.

I'm always a little wary of new places like this.  You never know what kind of dogs (or humans) will show up.  So I put my game face on (aka: Don't mess with my momma).

After deciding it was a relatively safe place for us, I did a little exploring:

Can't let mom get too far away.

I ran into another Ridgeback.  She's 8-years-old and still in good shape.
Can you tell which one is me?

 Her humans seemed pretty nice, too!

Lookin' to see if maybe my buddy, Memphis, will show up.

It was a pretty big park and had a nice walking loop.

We met up with Memphis by the beach.
As you can see, HE was thrilled!

Me....not so much!
Water is not high on my list of fun (or even bearable) activities.

Memphis: "Check it out Remi. This is how it's done. You gotta at least get your feet in it."
Remi" I dunno, man.  It smells kinda funky."

Remi:  " Ok.  Uhhhh......hmmm.  Feels kinda....wet!  Yuck!

Memphis:  "Woooo Hooo!!!!"

Remi:  "whoopee (heavy sarcasm).   Ok.  I'm outta here."

Ok, so it was cool going to a new park.  It was big, they had lots of poop bags, drinking water, a nice walking trail, human porta-poop stations, and the humans seemed nice and attentive to their 4-legged friends.  But, considering the drive to get there and all the yucky water, I'm only giving it 3 paws (out of 4, of course). 

Mom said we might try a different park again next week.
I'm hoping she skips the ones with 'water features.'


  1. We went to the park this weekend too! Your park is awfully pretty! Looks like you had a wonderful time :)

  2. We love that park! It's REALLY far for us so we don't get to go very often because of the long drive. But we're water dogs! OK maybe just Tanner but Nala likes to chase other dogs in the water! LOL Our mom's must be on the same page taking us both to new parks!

  3. Hi Remi! Sorry we didnt meet up with you! Jason and I just got back into town last night after visiting family in Hawaii!
    We'll try to make it to your birthday party! I have a dentist appointment that morning so we'll see how long that takes!