Thursday, July 14, 2011

Attack of the Green Veggiesaurs!!!

You might be asking, "Remi, what green marvelous looking green healthy stuff is in your bowl?"

Well, let me tell you (its green!).....

My mom is a veggiesaur.  She recently joined something called a 'CSA', where she gets a lot of green organic, farm fresh veggies and fruits every week.  So, me and dad have been the 'test subjects' for lots of new recipes with green things we've never eaten before
(like kohlrabi, mustard and collard, and arugula....all of which are green). 
So, mom has been adding green 'secret ingredients' to my fresh parsley and kale chips.
She starts with fresh kale from the CSA.
Seasons the ones for her and makes mine plain (although I like the seasoned ones better!).  Then she bakes them for a little bit...just til they're crispy.
Then she sprinkles the fresh parsley and kale chips on my yummy
Honest Kitchen Zeal.  (which is also green)
Tah Dah!!!
Mom says parsley and kale are 'superfoods' for dogs. 
You can read more about the benefits of kale here  and parsley here.

In the meantime, I'm going to dig into my green super healthy food.  It's actually super yummy and I always look forward to my meal time!


  1. We get green beans now and then, but those fresh veggies look great. As for our heat, we would gladly share it with you if you can give us some cooler temps.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Looks very green, Remi! Phoebe and I and the cat kids are raw fed, but my holistic vet recommends I get certain veggies she specially selected for me, such as peas, green beans, mushrooms, and asparagus, at least three times a week. Mom usually mixes them in with some Honest Kitchen Preference and some ground turkey and I eat it as an appetizer. It's pretty yummy. We use HK quite a bit when we travel, but we haven't tried the Zeal yet. Looks pretty good!

  3. Umm... you're sure that's not Soylent Green, right? Ha roo roo roo! (I hope you get that one...)

    Sure does look yummy! We love fruits and veggies!
    Play bows,

  4. Yum! The mama makes us kale chips and we think they are delish!

  5. So healthy of you Remi! Darwin gets kale in her raw food mix I make for her.

  6. When my mom makes my Slammin Sammon and my Chicken Liver Brownies and any other thingys she cooks up fur ME... she ALWAYS ALWAYS adds Parsley. I LOVE IT...
    I kinda like All green veggies.. Today I got 3 green beans and 4 Snow peas... while mom was weeding my garden.. stuffs taste soooooo good when they are picked and eaten within 3 minutes.. RIGHT Remi???
    I'm thinkin Your Mom is a gooooooood cooker.