Monday, May 17, 2010

Playin' with the Homies and other Redneck Stuff

Yesterday, I got to go to a Ridgeback fun day.  I was beside myself...literally, cuz there were a few other blokes there that looked just like me.
I was so tired from all that playing.
Today, mom got me a new collar cuz I always trash the one I wear to the dog park.  She was looking at this cool one with skulls on it, but they didn't have a large. 
So then she picked out this one:
I kept trying to pull her away from it.  But she said it was cheap and I could trash it at the dog park.  Plus, maybe people will stop thinking I'm a chick!
Looks like I'm ready to go to a monster truck rally!
Bring It On!!!


  1. You are a FLAMING REDNECK... FOR SURE!! I think it looks really grrrreat on you. I'm just sayin'.
    You must have had a really rough time at the fun camp. Heck you only got your head in the bed. hehehe

  2. Do you act different around your own kind? It is always amazing to me how much more excited The Herd acts around other Siberian Huskies. Never figured out how they just knew.

  3. fancy flaming collar! Im really into Darwin's leather collar for playtime (from Greenbelts on Etsy) cause it will last and I can easily just wipe it down to clean it. I think the nylon ones are harder to clean tho cheaper.
    Love you in the pack of ridgebacks! How fun!

  4. Super cool collar Remi.
    What a fun you had with all those Ridgies,we went to Zandvoort in the dunes today I had a date with my sis Jua and her big brother Bhanu.
    We almost catched a rabbit....
    We ridgies know how to play.

  5. Cheap trashy redneck... BOL I was talking about your new collar. You started it. As for me, I like you no matter what you've got hanging around your neck. Your butt is another story