Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mornings at the Park

I got to go to my favorite park again this morning.  Finally got mom into the routine of getting up at 0600, having a relaxing breakfast followed by a quick nap, then getting to the dog park by 0800.  Today, I met up with one of my new morning park friends, Memphis, the 14-month old merle Dane.  We played a lot yesterday morning, so I was glad to see him show up again this morning.
We did alot of wrestling and I got pretty much covered in Dane drool.  You can see how much bigger than me he is:
Then, after playing at the park for at least an hour, we usually go to Starbucks where mom drinks her coffee while we relax in the outdoor seating area.  I'm okay with that, cuz they have good triple-filtered water there (with hard chunks of water, too) and mom usually gives me lots of post-park workout treats.
Not sure if we get to go morning parking tomorrow, since it's supposed to start raining later today and all day!!!!!   But, we also have our typical Monday routine, which includes me saying hi to the lady that trims my nails, then saying hi to my fans at my doc's office (where I get weighed weekly), and then we might go walking around Lowes or Home Depot.  That way I can get some exercise, meet people, and, most importantly, STAY DRY!!


  1. Your Monday sounds like fun! I love to go and meet new people too! Stay dry, my friend!

  2. What a great day Remi...except fopr the drool part. ;) I guess it goes with the territory though. Don't ya love's the best, especially on a hot day. I LOVE the picture below of you balancing the princess and her pillows. :) Hey, did you Dad finish his cop stuff? Is he working his "beat" yet?? Heheh...I probably used it wrong but that's ok. Anyway, if so, tell him congrats!


  3. What a weekend!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    I do hope woo saved some energy fur what should be a great Monday too!