Sunday, March 28, 2010

When there was sun...

Yesterday, we had some nice sunshine.  Mom was out soaking in some rays, but I took over her seat when she got up.  I thought it would be much more comfortable than the deck, but I didn't quite fit:
It was so nice yesterday that we went for a long walk along the waterfront and then later mom took me to the offleash park.  It was a great day. 

Today is a different story.  Rain and yucky.  The rain didn't start until afternoon and we did get a long walk in while the weather was still nice in the morning, so I shouldn't complain.  I also went to my last intermediate obedience workshop at Positive Approach.  So far, I've completed my basic 7-week obedience course, intermediate 6-week course, and 3 workshops (no jumping, recall, and loose-leash walking).  Mom says I'll be starting my advanced class next month.  I'm kindof nervous about that cuz we take the CGC at the end. 

Mom said the weather's supposed to be yucky again tomorrow (bleh!) so we're going to go to Home Depot and Lowes to do some training.  She called and got their permission for me to hang out just as long as I'm wearing my work vest.  That should be cool.  At least I'll be dry!!!  Plus, we're making the monthly visit to my doc so I can get weighed again and hang out with my buds.

Bark at y'all later!


  1. BOL That's what our kat, Jet does to our mom all the time. Jet loves my mom's computer chair so mom tries not to get up often during the day.
    I bet you'll do fantastic in your CGC test. Frankie's supposed to take her in a few weeks too, but I'm not holding my breath.

  2. hahahha! Oh Remi! You've gotten so big! Im impressed you got up on that chair. Darwin probably would tried, knocked it over and scared herself!

  3. are one funny dude! You totally crack me up. :) Glad your Mom caught you up there so she could get that cute picture! Hey, I will be over your way this weekend! I wonder if the Easter bunny can find me at my Nanny's? hehehe! Maybe we could hunt hard boiled eggs together at the park?


  4. Woo look furry handsomelykhute in that chair!

    It is wet and damp and rainy and khool here -

    Of khourse, that means it is time fur Princess RainKhloud!

    I hope woo had fun on your adventures!