Monday, March 22, 2010

Beautiful Monday

The weather was supposed to be kindof yucky today, so mom took me out in the cold, cloudiness and we walked, then went and got my nails done, then we hung out at the vet's office before heading home for a quick nap and lunch.  Then the sun came out.  So mom, being the sport she is, took me to the dog park, where I got to play for about 2 hours in the sun.  I met a visla, Violet, who was as energetic as me (and kindof looked like me).  It was a blast!
After 2 hours of playing, I was pooped.  So, I crashed when we got home.  I was so out of it, those sneaky katz thought they could lay on my bed... WHILE I WAS IN THE ROOM! 
I don't think so!!!
Ugh!  I've got to go.  Mom just said it's time for our afternoon walkie.  Man, sometimes she gets a little kah-razy with this walking thing.  Oh well, I don't mind going on these beautiful days. 


  1. Two hours and another walk coming up??? You realize how lucky you are? What happened after the last photo? This was a suspenseful post.

  2. wow you're a lucky guy! So many walks and park time!
    why were you "hanging out" at the vet? Hope youre ok!

  3. I've been dropping by my doc's office about once a week just to 'chill'. I wasn't too thrilled going back the first time after getting my 'procedure.' But it's been getting better cuz I just go and hang out for a few minutes with some of the dogs there. I usually walk around the back area, sit on the scale (65 pounds now!!), and get lots of treats. So, I'm starting to like going again.

  4. Geee I'm going to the VET tomorrow to get my teefs cleaned. Maybe I'll see YOU there. I think hanging out there is a good idea. Unless you have an APPOINTMENT. It would kind of keep you off guard... know what I mean??

  5. What a great day! Where is that dog park...the sand pit looks very nice and like it would be comfy on the paws. :) I was in your neck of the woods this weekend but it was a quick trip so Mom wouldn't let me call you. :( Maybe at Easter though. :) Aren't Viszlas fun to play with...I think their play stule is similar to ours and have always enjoyed playing with them when I get the chance. As for the vet thing...what a good idea to go and just hang out...your Mom is brilliant!


  6. And...the nerve of the ridiculous! I hope you kicked it off your bed real good. ;)


  7. How nice to see your Vizsla furiend!

    As fur the khat thing!



  8. Hi Remi,
    Your Mom is the best just like mine,we went to the woods yesterday a sunny day here.
    Played like crazy with all my friends but suddenly I fall in love with a Boxerlady and had to put a leash on ((-;
    If your ears are like the last photo ,your Mom have to massage the foalt in ,I can recommend that 3 times a day for a couple of minutes..
    Mom thinks your a beautiful Boy.