Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Catch-up...again

Another BUSY weekend!  It started off by us going to a new obedience class, which mom said was a 'ridiculous waste of time.'  I didn't think it was right when the teacher wanted mom to spray me in the mouth with this stuff for something I didn't do and plus it was like 5 minutes after the 'incident' (another dog in the class lunged at me, snarled, and tried to bite me).  Mom stuck up for me and refused to do it (yea!  good for her!) because I hadn't done anything wrong in the first place and the timing was inappropriate (I would have been punished for sitting quietly and being good, which would have been really confusing).  I guess that teacher didn't know mom's a shrink and knows all about that positive reinforcement & punishment stuff.  Mom thinks that lady had some control/crazy issues.  Other students in the class came up to us after and apologized for the teacher's behavior.  Maybe SHE should have been sprayed in the mouth for being so annoying.  Mom says we got our money back and she would definitely NOT recommend that place to anyone.  We're going back to Positive Approach for advanced obedience because we KNOW they use positive reinforcement-based training.

On to the more fun stuff.....I got to accompany mom and dad on a little trek on the Interurban Trail.  They said I did REALLY good the whole way!
Then Sunday I got a  cool surprise.  My sis, Nala, was down so we got to play together!
She's still wearing her boot cuz of her healing toenail, but at least this one didn't go flying off whenever she ran.

This morning, me and mom went on a long walk for an hour.  Glad mom packs the water, but the Cool Whip bowl is a little ghetto:
We went for another walk this evening, so now I'm pretty pooped.  Ready for my pumpkin & fish oil, one last pottie break for the night, then relaxing with a flossie before crashing in the crate.  Tomorrow's a full day of play at Biscuits!


  1. Oh Remi, your ghetto comment made me laugh so hard! ;) Whatever works little dude! As for the training lady from the land of flames and fire, Mom has been telling everyone about how nasty she was. Glad you aren't going back and that your Mom stuck up for you! YEA to your Mom indeed. :) I had fun playing with you this weekend and hope to get some more pics up soon! Your run with your pawrents inspired my Mom...she made me go running with her today but trust me we went slow as we both need ALOT of conditioning. ;) It was only for about 25 min. too...gotta work our way up ya know. :)


    P.S. Have fun at Biscuits! Oh yea, LOVED the raw bone! Thanks!

  2. Wow! You got a really cool Mom!

    That's so pawsome that she stuck up for you at the training class. Mom gets so frustrated with people who just follow whatever an instructor says, even when they know it isn't right. Half the dog trainers out there got their trainers certificates by taking an online course!

    Grrr...makes me wanna just bitey them!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  3. We saw your pikhs with Nala on her blog!

    How khool woo got to see her!

    The khool whip bowl khomment made us laugh too!

    As fur the 'khlass' PFFFFFT!


  4. Remi your Mum is totally right we R.R need another kind of training the positive one.
    We are very lucky to have a trainster who has 2 r.R herself well 15 at the moment they have puppies.
    On U-Stream you can watch them on the webcam "Shayelapuppies".
    This week my own Mom will be giving birth to (Mafinga)
    High five and a hug for your brave Mum

  5. I know what you mean about some teachers. That is why I am home schooled right now until the weather gets nicer and we can go to the school Beth likes. Positive training is the way to go! Sounds like you had a very good day! Lots of excerise! Fun!

  6. I want to get my pack and come over to spray some of that stuff on the bad teacher. Thank dog your mom was there!