Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Life is a Box of Chocolates

And sometimes the piece is bitter sweet.  Today is my best bud's birthday.  Memphis would have been 9.  He passed away on November 11th.  I've been missing him so much that I didn't want to post about it.  We'd been wrestling buddies for over 7 years.

I remember when we met at the dog park in May 2010.  He was a lot bigger than me, even though we were almost the same age.

I knew we were going to be pals cuz we had the same wrestling techniques.  

We used to wrestle for  2 hours straight back in the day.

              We both liked sand and barked at snow men and creepy people, like this guy...

                                                    We had refreshing beverages together.  

The weekend just wasn't complete without wrestling practice. And we discovered a ton of parks and hiking trails together.  No matter the weather, we were out there exploring stuff.

Over the years, we slowed down a bit.  Wrestling became more hanging out and chillin', with a few minutes play.   

And some little sisters got added in the mix.

But we still had our moments of wrestling.

I think about Memphis a lot and sometimes I get sad when I think about all the fun we had together.  But I wouldn't trade any of those memories for anything in the world.  He was the best friend a guy could have.  

Miss you buddy.  I'll see you again for the ultimate MMA match!

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