Sunday, March 4, 2018

I Put My Butt in a Box

Yeah, I've been pretty lame at posting lately.  But my new little sister, Ema, is so exhausting.  Plus, I just don't have the energy I had 8 years ago.

Anyhoo, it's been amusing watching Ema doing her homework from school.  She was supposed to sit in this box.  Yeah, I don't know why either.  Here I'm showing her how its done.  No big deal.  I'm an old dog and I still learned this new trick.  PPfft.  (see I'm sticking my tongue out.)

Nelli even figured it out.

After showing Ema a million times how to do it, she finally did it!

She even laid all the way down in it.  There's no way I could have done that!  Of course, it doesn't look too comfy.  

I'll stick with my bed, thanks!

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