Monday, February 6, 2012

The Dragon Went on Vacation

So, the snowpacolypse continued.  Mom was keeping me company during one of our snow days, the dragon just picked up and left.  Guess he wanted to go somewhere warmer with no snow and ice.  Can't say I blamed him.  But, dang.  I really missed him.  Mom made me wear my fleece all day and sleep with two blankets on.
It was so chilly that I even wore my blankie when I ate my lunch!

The cold, ice, rain, snow, and wind continued and it looked really ominous out.  
Luckily, the dragon only went on a short vacation.  He was back the next night and we were all cheering.  Not that he doesn't deserve a vacation, but the last time he went (2006), he was gone for 10 days!!!! 
My auntie's dragon went on a 6-day vacation this year.  You'd think they'd plan it during the summer!!!

Anyway, after the snow, ice, rain, and wind stopped, it was time to do some clean up.
So we did a little shopping around for a chain saw.  
There were only like 2 left in town, so we weren't too picky.
Then mom and dad did lots of noisy work and had big piles of tree parts all around the yard.
They got most of the rest of it done yesterday, but its been a few days of hard work to get things cleaned up.
I let her get a day of rest before making her help me get caught up on the blog.

Hope you're all having a warm, safe winter and I hope your dragons wait 'til July to vacation!!


  1. OH NO!! Not the dreaded Dragon Vacation. I think that is sooooo mean of them to go during the COLD time.
    At least you have your nice blankie to keep the chill away.

    Sorry about the Trees and branches and stuffs. Glad you are OK!!!

  2. Wowzers! That was a LOT of snow! Looks beautiful to me, but I know what that Dragon takes a vacay, our parents get mighty stressed. And cold. Hope you're good to go now!
    Play bows,

  3. Yay, I'm sure you really enjoy you vacation Dragon! :)

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