Sunday, February 5, 2012

Catch up from Snowpocalypse 2012

So, we've finally dug out and cleaned up from our crazy snow storm.  You remember that last picture from 1.15.12, Our Furrst Snow?  Well, it just kept snowing, and snowing.  

I played in the snow a little bit, but mostly mom kept me entertained in the warm house:
It was really coming down outside.

 This is what it looked like during our walk.  We rarely get this much snow around here.

Mom measured the snow at one point, but we probably got another inch after this.

 One of our big trees out front lost some of his arms.  Poor guy.  The snow was just super heavy.

Then, it started raining, which, of course, turned to ice.  You can see the ice on our window.
Needless to say, mom stayed home from work.  Mom's thing is that this happens so rarely around here that  people don't know how to drive in it.   Plus they don't clear the streets.
So she decided to be safe and spend over a week at home with me.

The poor trees were all bendy.

Mom was really worried about our neighbor's tree falling on our house.  Check out all the icicles off our roof!

We played a little out in the snow. Mom threw me a few snow balls.

You can see here when it started raining, ending up with about an inch of ice on top of the 7 inches of snow.

Our bamboo wasn't too happy, but mom thought it looked pretty covered in ice.

Our pond almost totally froze over!

So the cold and snow and freezing rain continued for days.  
Stay tuned for 'The Dragon Went on Vacation' (aka: we lost power)

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  1. Sure is beautiful. Hope you keep a coat on so you don't get lost in that white stuff
    Benny & Lily