Monday, January 3, 2011

Freaking Cold Snow!

Happy New Year everyone!

Mom and dad took me up to where there was lots of snow, but it was REALLY cold (like the high was 10)!
We went on a walk, but it was quick cuz my feet were freezing!

Hurry up mom!  I'm turning into a pup-cicle!

Ahhh.  This is more like it!!

 The next morning, the pawrents and their friends went sliding down this hill.
Me and dad are WAAYYY at the top:

Woo Hoo!!  Here we come!!!

I'm beating you, dad! 

Beat you guys, too!!!!
 I had a blast!  Maybe mom will have those boots for me next time!

UPDATE on my blood workup and poopiness:
So far, pancreatitis and Addison's disease have been ruled out.
I have my appetite back, but my energy level is still lower than normal.  Not enuf energy yet to play with my bud, Memphis, which is a bummer.  Plus, I've dropped weight, which wouldn't be a big deal, but I was already at my fighting weight.
Mom thinks the vet will have me see an 'internist' to help figure out what's going on (thank goodness for pet insurance!!!), like if its inflammatory bowel disease or a food sensitivity or something.
The not-knowing is driving mom bonkers!


  1. Woo look SO furry handsome in the SNOW!!!

    Sorry 'bout the lakhk of 'answer' fur woo -

    BTW, Mom says the new blog looks pawesome!


  2. Holy Gwalk A Moley...I can NOT believe that you beat those two leggers on sleds to the bottom. You are really really FAST buddy.
    I am sooooo glad the very much bad stuffs have been ruled out. That is super.
    Keep us posted.

  3. First your health (thats the most important)do you still have poopiness?)and what is your weigth,because I'm also not one of the biggest.
    What a wonderful place you've been to,and good for you to win from your Dad LOL,your Mom looks stunning in the snow beautiful pic.
    Buddy take care of yourself and your Pawrents.

  4. Hee Buddy,
    Do You have some news about your tests,by the way did they look for Guardia?
    About your weight I'm also 42 pounds,next month go to the vet for my annual auwwwwww needles and then We check it again.
    Hope You feel better real soon.
    Big wet one for your Mom and high five Man,

  5. Wow - that sledding hill looks like a lot of fun.