Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My First Trip to the Big City

Amazingly enough, the sun came out yesterday afternoon.  So we decided to head up to the Seattle waterfront.
Me and dad enjoying the beautiful views:
Then we decided to check out one of Darwin's favorite spots, called
Mom and dad got to enjoy a 'refreshing adult beverage,' while I got to meet some new furriends and chew on a bully stick. 
Dad said he was really surprised at how well I did on my first visit there...and with even being so close to some other dogs.  But, after all that walking and chillin' at Norm's, plus playing with Memphis all morning, I was pooped out and slept all the way home.
I can't wait for more adventures in the city!


  1. I think this should be a weekly feature fur woo!

    I'm glad woo had such a great time!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. Remi, are you a Mariners Fan??? They have been known to THUMP my Indians.
    That was a really grrreat day you had. Wow you got served a Bully Stick?????? That's my kinda place!!!

  3. Fun! Glad you guys got to check out Norms!

  4. PAWESOME!! Norm's eatery looks like a great place! I may have to convince Mom and dad to take me there sometime. Did you get to sample any of the food?


  5. Well done Remi you are a real R.R,we know how to behave hihi,when we feel like it.
    Really glad for you the sun comes out,here in Holland it's beautiful weather.
    Big hug for your Dad & Mom

  6. A city dog you are! Isn't it fun?