Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Name is on a Tramp Stamp!!!

I'm so proud!!!!
Most of you know Darwin's been having some tests run.  Well, she got this tattoo put on the shaved spot on her be-hind.  Very cool!

Darwin was asking about taking glucosamine.  Mom gives me Zuke's Hip Action, 2 every day.  They're pretty tasty and come in a few different flavors.  I'm a big Zuke's fan.   Mom says, when I start running, I can start having Zuke's Power Bones

We're having some weird, stormy weather here in the PNW.  We got out today for a walk, but it was pretty cold and breezy.
Mom says it's supposed to be bad weather tomorrow, so I'll get to go play all day indoors instead of going to work. That's okay by me! 
I have lots of furriends at the daycare!


  1. Poor Darwin's shaved spots are becoming a free for all. BOL I'm so glad we're all making light of her situation until her final results come in. Dog parents tend to be a bit overprotective and worry too much. Good, it's because they love us so. This is what we use at our house, especially for our 10 year old girl:
    K-9 Liquid Health Glucosamine with Chondroitin and MSM We've seen a major improvement

  2. Poor Darwin!!! At least she found a fun way to fill her bald spot!!! Such a classy tattoo!! =)



  3. Woo are surely starting young to woo the girrrrrls!


  4. I hope my girrrls don't decide that they want ME to get a TAT.