Monday, April 2, 2018

Spring visit to Pop-pop's

Me and mom went to visit Pop-pop for something called 'Eees-turd'.  I don't know what an 'Eees' is, but their turds must be mighty special!  Anyway, we didn't take my port-a-house, so I got to stay in the big house.  I got this hyuuge bed to myself....
.......and I was nice enough to give mom her own little corner to sleep on at night.

I discovered how nice it is to lay behind Pop-pop's chair and look out at all the stuff & things..

It's really peaceful here.

Today was sunny, but very blustery.  Me and mom walked down to the park where it wasn't so windy.

Mom and Pop-pop did something magical and made some eggs turn all sorts of colors.

It was nice of them to do that for me, but I'm ok with plain ones too.  Then she said they weren't for me.  They were 'Eees-turd' eggs.  Wait.  What??  Well, that sounds kinda gross, even if they are really pretty.

Then mom was saying stuff about the 'Eees-turd' bunny and how I'm having wabbit for dinner.  I'm definitely on board with wabbit for dinner, but let's keep the turds out of it, mmm k mom?

Tomorrow I will be back with my sisters.  It was nice to have a break from them, but I kind of miss their annoying antics and smelliness....but don't tell them I said that!!

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